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The Problem We're Solving

Lost automotive opportunities

The average automotive dealership website has a 2% conversion rate. With 25,000 monthly website visitors, a $2,000 per car sold gross and a 10% closing rate, you're losing over $30,000 in gross profit per month by not increasing your conversion rates. Let us help reclaim your lost revenue.


Average Leads Lost Per Month


Average Sales Lost Per Month


Average Gross Lost Per Month

Behavioral Banners

embedded / non-intrusive

AutoLeadIQ's Behavioral Banners allow you to deploy targeted messaging across your automotive website showcasing your special offers, incentives and events, all without the need for a developer. Don't rely on inventory pricing to maximize your lead count. Our platform ensures you're reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message to maximize your automotive lead generation potential.

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AutoLeadIQ Behavioral Banner Ads
AutoLeadIQ Instinctive Overlays

Instinctive Overlays

exit intent / responsive
AutoLeadIQ Instinctive Overlays

AutoLeadIQ's Instinctive Overlays display your model specific offers to website visitors who haven't found what they're looking for on your website. Our platform measures the behavior of your website visitors through event based modeling in order to deliver an enticing offer to the right person at the right time. Typical automotive websites have a 2% conversion rate. AutoLeadIQ was built to convert more of the 98% of website visitors not engaging with your automotive dealership.

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Dynamic Landing Pages

single offer / multi-offer

AutoLeadIQ's Dynamic Landing Pages give automotive dealerships the ability to showcase specific offers and incentives aimed at converting more visitors into leads. Dynamic Landing pages feature a single vehicle offer, or a series of vehicles offers similar to a "Specials Page". Dynamic Landing Pages can be used in conjunction with Paid Search, Paid Social and Display Creatives in an effort to help close the loop between what's advertised and a user's experience once on your automotive website. Dynamic Landing Pages are an essential tool in maximizing your websites ability to convert more leads.

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AutoLeadIQ Dynamic Landing Pages

You're losing gross profit each month without even knowing it! See how we can help reclaim your lost revenue.